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Venustus Angel | Centropyge venustus (2-3")

Venustus Angel | Centropyge venustus (2-3")

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Venustus Angel | Centropyge venustus


The Venustus Angel (Centropyge venustus) is also called the  purple masked angelfish.  They are one of the most stunning angelfish available. Feed a variety of meaty items, including angel food with sponge.

The Venustus Angel (Centropyge venustus) reaches a maximum size of 3-4".  A 55 gallon aquarium is suitable.  Like most dwarf angels, Venustus Angel (Centropyge venustus) can be aggressive towards other centopyge angels.  If you are attempting to keep more than one, we recommend 3, ideally added all together, in a minimum 100 gallon tank.

The Venustus Angel (Centropyge venustus) is one of the better dwarf angels to try in a reef tank.  But, like all angels, there is risk that they'll pick on corals.

Venustus Angel (Centropyge venustus) are fairly delicate, and are considered to be an expert level fish.  They are therefore not covered under our 14 day guarantee (but like all our fish do come with live arrival guarantee)

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