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Powder Blue Tang | Acanthurus leucosternon (3-4")

Powder Blue Tang | Acanthurus leucosternon (3-4")

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Powder Blue Tang | Acanthurus leucosternon - Basic information:

The Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus Leucosternon) is an extraordinarily beautiful fish. These fish are baby blue in color with a bright yellow dorsal, white ventral and anal fins, black face with white markings, and large eyes. 

Powder Blue Tang | Acanthurus leucosternon - Tank requirements:

Once adjusted to aquarium life, Powder Blue Tangs (Acanthurus Leucosternon) do very well in an established tank with lots of live rock for grazing and plenty of swimming room. Keep only one per tank.  They should be in a minimum 75 gallon tank, ideally 125.  They are voracious algae eaters that require almost constant algae to graze on (nori, spirulina, or mature live rock).  Like all acanthurus tangs, Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus Leucosternon) can be aggressive towards other tangs.  Unless your tank is quite large (150 or bigger), if you want a powder blue, it should be the only tank in your tank.  If your tank is large, it should be the last tang added.

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