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One spot Foxface (2')

One spot Foxface (2')

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Siganus unimaculatus - The one spot Foxface Rabbitfish is a very hardy fish and thus a good choice for a newly established aquarium. Best kept singly. This docile fish can thrive in either peaceful community tanks or aggressive predator tanks. It has venomous spines, which it can raise to ward off aggressive tank-mates. Foxface Rabbitfish will eat a wide range of desirable and undesirable algae, and should not bother corals, provided they are well fed. They are not a threat to invertebrates or clams. Feed a varied diet of herbivore preparations containing different marine algae. This fish also loves live macro algae. CAUTION! All Foxface have venomous spines and should be handled with caution. Use a scoop or specimen container instead of a net since their spines may get stuck in the net.

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