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Labouti Wrasse-3-4" Male (Australia)

Labouti Wrasse-3-4" Male (Australia)

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Cirrhilabrus laboutei


The Labouti Fairy Wrasse is absolutely striking. It has a spectacular array of colors. This fish is one of the larger of the fairy wrasse species reaching almost five inches in length as an adult and well known for it's ability to jump from open topped tanks. Like other fairy wrasses of the Cirrhilabrus genus, it is fairly hardy and should be given plenty of places to hide. After it establishes it will become more active and be one of the best eaters in your tank. In captivity they tend to dull in color slightly when lacking the presence of another male. Do not attempt to keep more than one male unless they will live in a very large tank. Females are best introduced to the tank before or at the same time as the male. Will behave aggressively toward other fairy wrasses that arrive to the tank after them. This fish is not commonly available, so jump on them when they arrive.

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