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Imperator Angel 8" (Africa Orange Tail)

Imperator Angel 8" (Africa Orange Tail)

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Pomacanthus Imperator


It is also known as the Imperator Angel or the Emperor Angel. It is truly one of the more regal aquarium fish. Found in the Indo-Pacific, this Angel is moderately hardy in the aquarium, though some larger specimens may be difficult to get to eat prepared foods. Juveniles usually take to a varied diet of vegetable and meaty foods. To ensure the Angel retains its vivid colors, you should offer a vitamin supplement with the foods. We recommend either Zoecon or Selcon. Growing to fairly large 15 inches in length, this Angel requires a lot of swimming space. It can be kept with Small-Polyped Stony Corals, but is generally not considered "reef safe". While not shy, it should be provided with caves in which to retreat. The adult coloration with its eye-mask and blue/yellow striping is striking.

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