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Golden Pufferfish (10”)

Golden Pufferfish (10”)

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Arothron meleagris


Golden Puffers (Arothron meleagris) are hands down the most sought after of the puffers. This puffer is well suited for the home aquarium because it does not grow as large as some Arothron puffers. It is also generally not aggressive. It can be kept with other members of the genus and more than one individual can even be kept in a larger tank. It is a rather shy fish when first added to the aquarium, therefore, you will need to provide an appropriate crevice or cave for it to hide in. With time, it will spend more time in the open. Do not keep this fish in smaller tanks, it does not like confined spaces and will never adapt in such a situation. Once it is fully adjusted to the aquarium it is a hardy fish that can do great in a large tank with bold fishes such as triggers, groupers and larger wrasse.

Golden Puffers (Arothron meleagris) require a diet of meaty foods, ideally shellfish with the shells.  Otherwise, their beaks become too large.

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