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Clown Trigger | Balistoides conspicillum (1-2" Juv)

Clown Trigger | Balistoides conspicillum (1-2" Juv)

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Balistoides conspicillum - This is a gorgeous triggerfish that, like many triggers, has an unpredictable personality. Some individuals will ignore similar-sized tankmates, others will behave aggressively towards them. If you want to house them with other fish, select equally sized, or preferably larger, equally aggressive tankmates. Also, place them in a large tank with lots of hiding places. Do not keep more than one clown triggerfish per aquarium. One of the most popular of all aquarium fish! While smaller and medium sized specimens are often available, larger ones are rare. If you are interested in a truly spectacular specimin, don't delay. You might never see on like this again.

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