Why choose NYAquatic?

Discover the NYAquatic Difference

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? At NYAquatic, we're not just another aquarium store. Here's why you should choose us:

1. Experience: with 30 years in the hobby, we are dedicated to using our personal experience and knowledge to create the best shopping experience for our customers.

2. Quality Assurance: we stand behind all our livestock. With an on staff veterinarian and a dedicated team, we go the extra mile to ensure the health of our livestock. Additionally we offer a live arrival guarantee and/ or a 14-day guarantee in the unlikely event something does occur. Your satisfaction and the well-being of our aquatic life are our top priorities.

3. Weekly Live Sales: we want you to feel confident when purchasing from us. To ensure full transparency and minimize any uncertainties when buying livestock online, we host weekly LIVESALEs where you can see the livestock before you buy.

4. Customer Satisfaction: our customers are our number one priority. We strive to provide personalized service, attention to detail, and exceed your expectations in every interaction.

5. Spreading the Beauty of the Reef: we are passionate about educating and inspiring the younger generation about aquatic life. We run clubs at schools, bring classes to our warehouse, and are actively working on building tanks for children's hospitals.

6. Constant Improvement: we are dedicated to constantly improving and adapting as the industry changes. NYAquatic will never stop working to provide for our customers!